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Belamuh Ely experimental music and instruments

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Our main goal is to generate sounds known from, and used in electronic music, with acoustic instruments. Our world of sounds is inspired by electronic music, but our music is brought into life exclusively with acoustic instruments (which have hardly been known as musical instruments before). 

So our genre is structured but improvised Acousto-Electric, but you also can discover the sounds and patterns of Indian, South-American and Balcanic music. 

Our sound generating instruments are made by us and Tóbiás Terebessy ( The parts of these instruments are often found in waste dumps or just household litter, which is a creative way of recycling.

Among our instruments you can find the winds, the strings, and the percussion as well. We’re trying to take advantage on the unique sounding of our instruments, we’re not interested in sounding like we were playing musical instruments. The basic idea of these instruments is known from ancestral times. However we have plenty of new ideas, it’s hard to explain them at this point. In our experiments we always return to our childhood, remembering playing the big red saucepan with the wooden spoon, or sticking cards among the wheel spokes on the bicycle. We find it inspireing to return to the urge of getting out sounds from everything. 


Our works so far:

Pentakornis  goa- trance  

Play on Norbert Kotormán's marble sculpture slices.

Gesztus fesztivál ,SÍN kulturális központ , April 2008



Tóbiás Terebessy's exhibition in

Makett Labor


Tóbiás Terebessy's own exhibition opened by György Szabó director of The House of Contemporary Arts. The opening is supported by Gergő Nyári, Merse Varga and István Rimóczi. Makett Labor is the office and exhibition room and gallery of medencecsoport in Budapest IX Pipa Str. 4. 







Sound material

Play nice, or I'll take it back!

The free experimental sound research workshop of Belamuh Ely.














Khazar dictionary

The new play of the Living Picture Company is a „multi-art experiment embedded into theater and dance”, or „theatre and dance embedded into a multi-art experiment”. The direction of Kata Kántor was mostly inspired by Milorad Pavic’s  fiction novel: The Khazars, which was published in 1984 in Belgrad. I’s been translated to many different languages, from the American continent to Asia, it’s one of the most read novel of today’s literature.

It’s an opened post-modern piece of art: a collection of articles, datas and stories, which ought to be arranged by the reader. The task is difficult, because you hear stories about the same folk but from three different sources: islamic, christian and hebrew. However there are many intersections, they remember in different ways. And so, the reader can dig down in the Khazar history among the many recollections, creating his own picture about it.








Play of Living Picture Company 

(Support of sounds and music: Belamuh Ely)

More info about the play.



So what comes together...?

Performance with Tamás "mENYUS" Menyhárt painter.


On the Night of the Museums in bARTer garden 2009




Play nice, or I'll take it back II.

 Workshop and concert in Tűzraktér 






Gergő Nyári............summerjee

Merse Varga...........violet onion

István Rimóczi........propellerhead



Károly Fehér

Balázs Martin

Gergő Molnár

Bence Molnár

Márton Kopcsik

Antal Joó

Dániel Szász

Máté Jakab

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